Directed to gaining widespread recognition and imprinting an indelible mark in the global market, a young company has set grounds to create change in water technology.

With the collaboration of Filipino and Japanese Engineers and Businessmen, Inryo Corporation was formed on February 14, 2014. Being registered under the Security and Exchange Commission, its primary purpose is to create and introduce an innovative process that will turn water into a beneficial and functional drink.

Omizu, Inryo Corporation’s first product has reached a new milestone in water technology by being the first Beautifying Natural Spring Water in the market.

Equipped with the best up–to-date technology, individual expertise and financial capacity, INRYO Corporation is geared towards building a name in the business world, exhausting its resources to the development of its product and services for the gain of every single person affiliated to its organization.


Our purpose is to enable every person feel, see and experience the beauty of life.


To be known and be recognize as the company that propagates wellness, respects life and gives importance to beauty and health by being a living picture of best persons , best place and best life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that acting and working with the heart (Emotion) improve our thinking and intensify our reasoning which we express through communication and interaction (Opinion) to bring change (Evolution).

Core Values

Team Orientation

We do things as team.

We are one in the context of social values and responsibility

We have a common goal and objective


We do what is best

We work hard

We do what is right


We are determined to achieve success by overcoming difficulty


We develop a specific character that leads to mental and moral improvement.


We seek for change. We create and recreate.

We view change as a necessity for advancement and progress.